Dubai Based Servers

Dubai Based Servers

Virtual Private Servers Hosted in UAE Datacenter

The best low ping hosted Virtual Servers for Fastest Connectivity across the Middle East. 

Instant delivery of server with 99.95% uptime.

ID CPU Memory Disk Space Bandwith Control Panel Data Center Price Configure
VPS-01 Intel - 1 Core 2 GB 20 GB SATA Unlimited * Optional Dubai  175 AED/-
VPS-02 Intel - 1 Cores 3 GB 30 GB SATA Unlimited * Optional Dubai 200 AED/-
VPS-03 Intel - 2 Cores 4 GB 100 GB SATA Unlimited * Optional Dubai 270 AED/-
VPS-04 Intel - 2 Cores 6 GB 150 GB SATA Unlimited * Optional Dubai 350 AED/-
VPS-05 Intel - 3 Cores 8 GB 200 GB SATA Unlimited * Optional Dubai 500 AED/-
VPS-06 Intel - 3 Cores 10 GB 300 GB SATA Unlimited * Optional Dubai 700 AED/-
VPS-07 Intel - 4 Cores 12 GB 400 GB SATA Unlimited * Optional Dubai 750 AED/-
VPS-08 Intel - 4 Cores 16 GB 600 GB SATA Unlimited * Optional Dubai 900 AED/-

Operating System

Our Guarantees

99.95% Uptime Guarantee
Professional Support
Affordable Pricing
Fast and Secure

Dubai Based Servers at Sky Host.

Dubai Based Servers often selected by individuals and businesses who are looking to upgrade from a shared server plan because they have outgrown their collective server and need more bandwidth and space to run their applications and handle higher quantities of traffic. These servers host a single client on the server. Dubai Based servers host provider rents or agreements the server to the client for a recurring monthly fee.

Minimum server host monitoring and maintenance contains the network connectivity, computer's hardware, and routing apparatus. There are two types of setups - managed and unmanaged Dubai Based servers. Unmanaged Dubai Based Servers have a very minimum amount of support. As well, with the unmanaged server, the customer is answerable for the daily processes and repairs of the server. Dubai Based Servers providers offer complete hosting solutions. They will take care of set up, connection, maintaining the server, install software and software upgrades, provide 24/7 observing of the server, and provide 24/7 customer and technical support. A managed setup is selected by those who have limited IT capitals or limited time to manage the server.

Sky Host providers Dubai Based Servers house their systems in data centers so they can closely monitor them. A dedicated solution Dubai Base Servers offers and a large amount of possessions and the client has more control than shared Dubai Based servers. The client can install whatever software they want which makes this server very springy. Clients do not share resources and are free to use all of the assets that have been providing to them. When selecting a dedicated server, make sure you ask about high obtainability, reliability, scalability, and consumer support.


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