How To Prevent Your WordPress Website From Potential Hacks


A large number of bloggers get hacked every day. If you are running your blog in the 20-teens or you are just a starter, then you could get hacked.  If your visitors visit your site and they continuously saw a 403 error page then it is obvious that your website gets de-indexed from Search. De-indexing means that your website is removed from Google search results. Getting a website de-indexed means zero traffic to your website and no revenue at all. This article is being written to just clear the concept of getting a website hacked as it is still a very misunderstood concept.

Surely this blog post will help you prevent a website hack or clean things up.

Who Should Read This?

This blog post is being written to aware the WordPress business website owners, niche bloggers, and bloggers who blog full time.


WordPress Business Website Owners

Nowadays, it is a common practice that WordPress business owners start 10-20 WordPress websites and make a living out of it. There is no doubt that more websites will generate more revenue. At the same time, there is more potential for a hack with a larger number of websites.  One website with harmful stats can affect your other sites as well. So, it is crucial to protect your websites to get hacked by the hackers.

Niche Bloggers

There is a long checklist for niche bloggers to become profitable. If you do not consider the security of your websites, the sheer profitability of these websites or blogs will make them ideal targets for potential hackers.

Bloggers Who Blog Full Time

Precautionary measures are most needed in the case when you are a full-time blogger. An individual running a lucrative blog can be crushed with a hack and the result would be the de-indexing of blog or website. If you get hurt with a website hack and eventually loose handsome profit, the world will simply keep moving and other potential bloggers will take the driving seat almost instantly. So, it is essential to take precautionary measures in advance before you face a heavy loss.

What is a Hack?

A hack for website owners is usually when a malicious third party has uploaded malware or spammy content to your blog or website. In the majority of cases, a hack simply results in the de-indexing of a website or blog. In order to protect both, you and your visitor, Google will mark your site as “This site may be hacked”. In the case that your website goes un-fixed for a long time, it can be removed from the search engine results entirely. It is the worst nightmare for any blogger whether a full time or part time blogger.

Causes For a website Or Blog Hack?

There are a couple of things that make your website vulnerable to a hack.

  • Weak login credentials
  • Outdated plugins or WordPress software versions

Weak login credentials and outdated software versions or plugins are the two most common ways a WordPress website is hacked. Think about all the websites and blogs you run and make sure that your plugins up to date. Also, make sure that you are running latest software versions. Update your WordPress version if you are still using 4.0 now.

These website hacking causes are not mutually exclusive either. A hacker can obtain your password, enter into your website admin panel through a plugin, and even can get access to your server and this is when it gets really serious. Surely, it is the time to start taking the password meters more seriously.

How To Prevent a Website Hack

It is really important and advisable that you spend at least one day in a month to update all of your website content including versions of WordPress, plugins, E-commerce add-ons like WooCommerce and anything else that you feel looks outdated.

  • Buy Security Software For WordPress
  • Develop a Good Relationship With Your Host

Having strong passwords will prevent you from 95% of hacks alone. It is not strictly recommend that you purchase expensive software especially in the case that you have just started blogging.

Developing a good relationship with your web host is paramount. Sky Host acts swiftly to bring back a hacked website when any suspicious activity occurs. You should act quickly on these matters and need the assistance of a reliable company providing web hosting in Dubai.

Is Your Website at Risk?

Getting a website hacked is not something you want to prolong rather you need to address quickly both on your end and to your readers. A hacked website can get fixed quickly and get back to business ASAP by having a quick strategy. Here are the main takeaways:

  • Delete plugins and themes you do not use
  • Use medium-strong passwords
  • Always update your plugins
  • Update WordPress often

This is crucial to building a support network with your web host today. In this way, they will know who you are when you rush to them for any kind of help to resolve your issues regarding web hosting in UAE and particularly hosting in Dubai. Get in touch with Sky Host and let us know about any questions floating in your minds. Our professionals will feel pride to explain further.