How To install Word Press in C panel

How To install Word Press in C panel

You have absolute to use WordPress to build a website. Your web host may say they have easy installation but there are no complicated instructions.

Visit your cPanel.

Your web host should have directed you a link to visit your control panel. The most general control panel is cPanel. Off to the right you will see a sequence of boxes. Scroll down to the one that says Software/Services. It should have a somewhat tiled blue smiley icon, underneath it will say Sky host. Click it.

Sky host Panel.

In the Sky host panel you will see all the several software and services you can add to your website. There will be groups on the left in the gray box with the actual programs registered below, this list will vary conditional on what your web host really offers. Blogs should be at the top as the groups are in arranged order. Then find WordPress and click it.


The paragraph will tell you a slight bit about WordPress. Notice the Web page it mentions to is If you before have used this is changed. is for bloggers who permit WordPress to host their site, what you are doing is called hosting WordPress or self-hosted. Now look for new connection, it will say beside it which version you will be installing.

Installation Screen.

If you have more than a few domain names, you will have several selections in the first drop down box. So select the domain name you where want to have WordPress. Next you can select to install it in a directory, this is elective. Leave the directory box blank to install on your domain name or add the name you want to use for a directory.

Admin Access Data

Here is where you enter your Administrator User name. DO NOT use admin, this is too easy for hackers. Use a username that you can remember, you will need this every time you log in your WordPress website. Your password needs to be something to easy enough to remember and complex enough to keep your site moderately safe from hackers.

Base Configuration

You can enter your name or a nickname on Admin nickname. Now enter an email address for you if you have harms retrieving the site. Next is your website name. This can be just the domain name printed with spaces and proper capitalization or the whole name, Domain Name and web hosting or My Favorite Domains. Next is your account this is just a short verdict about your website, this really shows up like a slogan which is why you want to keep it relatively short. All the information here is easily changeable in your WordPress console so do not worry unnecessarily over the account.

Install WordPress

Click the Install key. On the next shade give an email address for Sky host to send the connection information to, so you can keep it on file. It may take a slight bit of time but your new WordPress website should be ready to go almost directly. Congratulations on using Sky host to install WordPress.

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