How To Create A Hosting Package

In simple words a web hosting package is a set of functions, limitations, and resources. Every cPanel account may have all these within a reseller hosting account.

Basically, having different packages with a different set of functions and limitations allows providing a range of hosting accounts based on particular features.

NOTE: It is suggested to design a hosting package before you create a new cPanel account in WHM to simplify further cPanel accounts management process.

In order to generate a new web hosting package in WHM, you have to follow the steps given below:

1. First step is to log into WHM. Use to log into your account

2. Move to the Add a Package menu in the section Packages

3. Set suitable quotas in the Resources section

4. Select essential settings for the package in Settings, including Feature List

5. Press the Add button

That's it and contact our HelpDesk at Sky Host if want any further assistance.