VPS Servers For Your High-Traffic Websites

VPS Servers For Your High-Traffic Websites

What is a VPS Server?

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is basically a virtual dedicated server. It exists on a machine that uses virtualization software to run multiple virtual machines. Each of which has its own independent resources (disk space, memory, etc.). Each of them is totally independent of other virtual machines on that server. These virtual machines then are set up as small dedicated servers.

Security Measures in VPS

This compartmentalization also means that VPS servers have no access to other virtual servers on the same physical machine. This makes VPS plans more secure than traditional shared hosting plans, as well as being more reliable.

VPS servers in Dubai are generally cheaper than dedicated servers. They still cannot compete with dedicated servers in terms of overall performance. Since 100% of dedicated server resources are dedicated to the sites hosted on that server. On the other side, a virtual server is only using a portion of the resources of its host machine. There is some overhead in running the virtualization software that allows VPS plans to exist in the first place. Despite these shortcomings, VPS plans can still be an excellent choice in many situations.

Web developers may find VPS servers a very appealing alternative to shared hosting. This is because of their greater customization options. Like a dedicated server, a VPS can be set up with whatever software and configured in whatever manner the developer needs. VPS servers generally cost cheaper than a typical dedicated server.

VPS Servers For E-commerce Sites

VPS servers in Dubai can also be useful for small e-commerce sites. They offer greater security and the ability to use more sophisticated software than may be available on a shared hosting plan. VPS servers also generally offer more uptime. Server uptime is always something of interest to e-commerce merchants. It also offers a good upgrade path to dedicated servers if a site takes off. The reason is that in essence they are dedicated servers just running on virtual machines.

Where to Find a VPS Server?

If you are looking to host your growing website then a VPS is exactly what you need. Make sure you find a reliable hosting company like Sky Host that fits your needs and has a fair price. You should also consider 24/7 customer support while choosing a web hosting company. You might need customer support more often.