VPS Hosting Vs Dedicated Hosting: Difference You Need to Know

In this article, I briefly explain the differences between VPS and Dedicated Hosting.

What is VPS Hosting?

VPS is both dedicated hosting’s and shared hosting and comes in between them. In VPS hosting, many sites share the same server, but all the sites have their resources dedicated to them. In virtual private server hosting, a fixed amount of resources is given to a specific site with the assistance of a hypervisor.

The hypervisor is hardware, software, or firmware which will create and run virtual machines. It divides the resources of one machine into numerous virtual machines, and fix the number of resources that anyone VM can absorb. It does the same with VPS server hosting. From one big server, it distributes the server to many virtual servers.

VPS server has better uptime than shared hosting and price less costly than dedicated hosting. It’s an efficient hosting plan and works great for small businesses and blogs with low traffic

What is Dedicated Hosting?

Dedicated hosting means owning the whole server without sharing it with anyone. This is a kind of Internet hosting where the owner has complete control and access over the server.
All of the resources of dedicated hosting is merely for one customer. The customer can configure or customize the server as he like. Dedicated hosting provides the best uptime, and is that the costliest. Large organizations with huge traffic select dedicated hosting.

Difference between VPS and Dedicated Hosting

VPS vs Dedicated Hosting: Security
VPS hosting is extremely secure, and hosting companies take all the measures to guard their customers.

If any of the sites get hack or became involved in any malicious activities, your website would be at some (minimal) risk.

In one line: staying in your home is far more secure than sharing a room with strangers.

When you host on dedicated servers, you don’t need to worry about opposite sites, as you’re not sharing space with them.

Both hosting’s let the customer install their security software. But with dedicated hosting, you’re fully in control of security.

VPS Hosting vs Dedicated Hosting: 

Performance: Performance-wise, Dedicated server hosting is far ahead of any other sort of hosting. When we mention performance, we mean how fast the website could load and how much concurrent traffic it can handle. VPS server hosting uses a hypervisor that borrows the resources from the neighborhood sites if the traffic surges. If several sites get traffic hike, they will borrow the resources from your site, and slow down your site. On the opposite hand, the dedicated server has all the bandwidth focus on one account. It gives the optimum speed and can manage large traffic without crashing.

Dedicated Hosting vs VPS: Control

Customization: There are managed and unmanaged plans accessible for both VPS server hosting and Dedicated Server Hosting. In managed hosting, the hosting providers control all the maintenance of the server. In unmanaged hosting, maintain and lookout for the server by yourself. Both dedicated server and virtual private server provide you with customizable resources that you can adjust month to month.

Control: A managed dedicated server doesn’t offer much control, but with unmanaged dedicated hosting, you’re in total control. On the opposite hand, VPS hosting company generally has some criteria that a customer has to follow. Or they block the account or delete it to secure the integrity of their hosting services.

Migration: You can transfer to another hosting with VPS quickly because it is on a virtual server. To move around the cloud is far easier than the physical server. When you host on the dedicated server, you’re not buying the server; you’re only purchasing the space. You have to empty the space when you plan to move on to another server.

Dedicated vs VPS Hosting: Allocation of Resources

Dedicated hosting provides more resources than VPS hosting .With VPS hosting, you undoubtedly get the resources you purchased. The hypervisor will provide it to somebody else if someone needs it more than you. With dedicated hosting, you’ve got a whole server to yourself. It’s expensive, but you get each bit of bandwidth and each byte of RAM of it.

VPS Hosting vs Dedicated Hosting: Scalability

VPS hosting has space to grow the site. You can promote the plan that will add up the storing and bandwidth.

As the traffic increase, You will increase the control of the VPS hosting.

Then there’s dedicated hosting that doesn’t need anymore.

Websites having a large volume of traffic choose dedicated hosting as they’re not looking for scalability, but they’re searching for consistent performance.

VPS works at the center ground between shared hosting and dedicated hosting.

·         Shared Hosting – Trying, checking, small blogs

·         VPS – Staid business, and trying to improve

·         Dedicated Hosting – Want powerful hosting that can control the traffic

VPS vs Dedicated Hosting: Pricing

Dedicated hosting costly among all kinds of hosting. It is fair, as you’re getting a dedicated server that’s not shared with anyone else, focus on one site. It is the best form of hosting, so it is the most costly.

VPS hosting has a range of costs that goes as low as $40 to as high as $300 per month. It’s affordable and works amazingly for medium bloggers or businesses. Dedicated hosting is the optimum solution for organizational sites that require high-class security and consistent performance.

VPS Vs Dedicated Hosting: Server Support

Hosting companies provide support to both the dedicated server and VPS server hosting customers.

But again, the dedicated server is costly, and the customer expects to get premium support when he pays a high amount. Quality customer support may be a critical element for the success of the hosting business.

Naturally, the hosting companies offer excellent support to the purchasers.

Our team at Sky Host UAE works 24/7, so the customer gets support all the time.

When to Choose VPS Hosting?
You should choose VPS hosting if:

  • A personal blog is growing and getting traffic. You don’t like to fail traffic due to the slow loading speed of the page.
  • You want to scale your blog, but you don’t want to spend much on it.
  • Expecting a traffic surge, like there is going to be a festival and your e-commerce site is going to have much traffic for a few time.

When to Choose Dedicated Hosting?

You should go for dedicated hosting:

  • If you’re a business owner and concern about the data privacy of your customers.
  • A website needs the best hosting, and you do want to compromise.
  • Your site has some requirements that can only be quenched with dedicated hosting.