How To Set Up Private Nameservers (VPS and Dedicated servers)

If you are having a VPS or Dedicated server with Sky Host then you may register your own nameservers. Your nameservers would be like this and

The very first thing is that you need to get IP addresses to point your private nameservers. You may check them in the Server Welcome email. You may also contact us via HelpDesk in order for the Hosting team to check them for you.

Once you have your IPs, you can proceed further and get register the nameservers on the side of your domain registrar.

In case your domain is registered with Sky Host, follow the procedure given below:

In case your domain is registered with a company other than Sky Host, please contact in order to get setup assistance for the nameservers.

Lastly, when you have got registered your nameservers, you should set them up on the server:

1. The first step is to log into WHM. Go to the DNS Functions section and then Edit DNS Zone menu.

2. Click on the drop-down list and then select the domain you want to set the nameservers for. Then press Edit.

3. The next step is to update SOA record specifying your primary nameservers (Dedicated and VPS servers) and the functioning email address:

4. Next, you need to create records for and pointing to the IP addresses you used when registering the nameservers and then Save the Changes:

5. If you want your nameservers to be robotically applied for all newly created cPanel accounts you need to go to the Basic cPanel and WHM setup menu in WHM and add your personal nameservers:

Wait for 24 to 72 hours for the DNS changes to broadcast worldwide and then enjoy your hosting.

In case you need further help then contact our HelpDesk.